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3rd round of Austrian 10th Nats

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Last weekend it was time for the 3rd round of austrian nationals in Steyregg near linz.
67 entries in two buggy classes take part. Saturdays training was interrupted from a rain shower but thanks to the concrete/clay track surface the first qualifying run could be run before the night comes in.
Sunday sees another three qualification runs followed by triple mains.


3rd round of Austrian Nationals


The 3rd Round of the Austrian Nationals where held at the track of 1-GMAC Litschau. 53 participants where in the north of Austria near the Czech Republic. Weiterlesen

2nd Round of „Bayerncup“ in Inzell

2nd Round of „Bayerncup“ in Inzell

bayerncup inzell

Last weekend the 2nd run of the “Bayerncup” was held in Inzell at the sports hall next to the Speedskating vanue. It where about 50 participents in five classes.


Indoor Dirt Race ´13


The 4th annual Indoor Dirt Race took place in Edling/Wasserburg. Contrary to its name the race is one of the biggest indoor carpet races in Germany with a record entry of 152 racers in four classes. The crew around Bernhard “Dirty B” Bachmann created a very challenging track and the new carpet made for very high traction. Weiterlesen

Indoor Dirt Race 2013

indoor  The 3rd Indoor Dirt Race in Edling near Rosenheim take place on the 1st weekend in November! The crew around of Bernhard “dirtyb” Bachmann is known for perfect organization and track building, but nobody expected the 180 race entry’s in less than a week.

Final Round Austrian Nationals


The final round of the Austrian Electric Buggy nationals took place at the Steyregg track near Linz. The meeting was postponed due to the poor weather back in July. The crew did a great job to rebuild the track and they also mixed cement into the natural clay to increase the grip and durability of the surface. Weiterlesen

German Nationals 4wd & SC4


The German 4WD Buggy and 4WD Short Course nationals was held last weekend at the track of the MAC Inzell, the venue of the annual IRoC race. Weiterlesen

3rd round Austrian Nationals

Last weekend saw the third round of the Austrian 1/10th off-road nationals held in Salzburg, after catastrophic weather conditions lead to a cancellation of round two in Steyregg. The biggest challenge for the racers was the extremely loose track, some of the locals raced old B4 cars with brushed speed controller and motors or only 1S LiPo batteries in the 2WD class. After four rounds of qualifying it was former Euro A-finalist Michael Gademayer who placed his Team Associated B4 with an old Nosram Dominator speedo and Reedy 12×1 motor on the TQ spot in 2WD and Hupo Hönigl (Team Durango) TQ’d three out of four rounds in 4WD. Weiterlesen

Inzeller Race of Champions 2013

IRoC13-72The 7th annual Inzeller Race of Champions was held on the multi-surface track of the MAC Inzell in the very South of Germany.

The event was also the warm-up race of this year’s 4WD German nationals in August. The 2013 edition of the IRoC saw 123 entries in four classes. Weiterlesen