Unboxing Hacker Skalar10 V2 – Brushless Motor


The box of the new Hacker Skalar10 Brushless Motor is nothing new, but take a closer look to the inside!

The inside of to box is filled with black foam material to prevent the motor from damage. A 180mm long flat sensorcable can be found in the box, too.

The timing shield is now from black anodized aluminium, with a small laser edged line for easy indentification of the motortiming

The solder tabs are now thicker and look bullet proof. In the new version of the Skalar10 motors work the same 12.5mm fine-balanced rotor as in the previous version. The motorcan, strator and other consumables look like the same and are still perfectly finished. The new sensor cable looks better as the last one, with the old one sometimes it happend that a braid stripped of the connector and the cable doesn´t work right. You can easily disassemble the motor for maintainance, check the pictures in the end of this article to see how it works step by step.

All in all Hacker Brushless did their homework and reworked the small weaknesses.

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