Indoor Dirt Race 2013

indoor  The 3rd Indoor Dirt Race in Edling near Rosenheim take place on the 1st weekend in November! The crew around of Bernhard “dirtyb” Bachmann is known for perfect organization and track building, but nobody expected the 180 race entry’s in less than a week.

The best racers of mid Europe will attend and try to snatch the Trophy´s from Oli Scholz, Benni Gröschel and Martin Kreil.

The 2wd class was dominated last year from Oli Scholz and his Team C TM2 Prototype, he was able to win all A-Finals in style and running the same lap times like the 4wd A-Final. In absence of  2011 Champion Hupo Hönigl, Benni Gröschel takes the win in front of Christopher Krapp in the 4wd class. In Shortcourse 2wd it was Team Durango´s Martin Kreil who won with the all new DESC210.

This year’s event will see some of the best racers of central Europe. National Champions from Swizerland (Patrick Hofer), Germany (Oli Scholz and Kim Sitensky) and Austria (René Trauner) will be joined by Hupo Hönigl who recently won his 1st ever EOS Race and World Class Touring Car Driver Christopher Krapp. Some 8th Scale Guys will show up like former 40+ European Champion Michael Wächter, Mugen Seiki´s Felix Heyse and sWorkz Stefan Scheuenpflug in his first race with the S104 EK1.

Other hot-irons who attend are:

Andreas Knott GER / Associated
Stefan Knott GER / Associated
Roland Hauleitner AUT / Associated
Sandro Bamert SUI / Associated
Martin Kreil AUT/ Durango
Markus Metsch GER / Durango
Peter Forster SUI / Yokomo
Andreas Janda AUT / Yokomo
Luca Rau GER / Kyosho
Kim Sitensky GER / Kyosho

We wish all participants save travels and a great weekend!

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