dec1de|R[C] tuning weight

P1020486 (Kopie)
We get the 1st Batch of our new Line of Tuningparts!

P1020489 (Kopie)

It´s a small, 1mm thick, piece of stainless steel which fits perfectly in the pocket of the Yokomo YZ-2 chassis. It´s designed and manufactured in Germany!

But you can also use it in other Cars.

P1020492q (Kopie)

It´s a bit shorter and slimmer than a „Shorty“ battery.

With 23 gramms  it´s not as heavy as some of the other „under shorty weights“ so you can use it to save some weight or fine tune the balance of your car!


dec1de|R[C] – 09-0001 – weight, small

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